Monday, June 6, 2011

Yea Stain!

Our Lil 4010 Denner Rhett Haubrich is gettin some coverage at KING peep the photo below and click the link to peep the full feature!

Props Rhett! Bs 7 photo by Travis Williams.


Sunday, June 5, 2011



haha yea i know, its been awhile, we have all been without snow around here for a bit now, just been in skate mode and editing the Full length, FORTY TEN!

I decided to jump on board with all those cool ppl makin little "5 trick fix" type edits and came up with this...

also tried to add a few things in to let you all get a feel for how the Full length is gonna look and sound...

Quick Sip in order:
Jake Bergen
Lee Proudlock
Rhett Haubrich
Mike Rapinchuk
Troy Erickson
Drew Leutjen
Beau Pearson


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Be like the DEN!

Yo yo yo!, sorry for the delay in content! we at the DEN have been without internet for the past month so i booted down to a local coffee shop to upload this...

Before the season ended we got the one and only sunny day on hard disk and ended up with this...

to say the least, we were over hittin the features in there orthadox fashion.



Thursday, March 3, 2011

TEASER TIME! 4010den presents: "forty ten den" teaser.1

So if you have been following our blog this year you would have known that all the videos we have posted so far aside from the couple park and rail jam edits, they have all been "B footage" as we saved some of it for our upcoming crew video "forty ten den"

below there is our first teaser for the flick with a rock'n'roll theme, we will be putting out a few teasers from now till the movie drops...whenever it drops...

so with out further adieu, enjoy


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

4010den: Biggie wit Da Birds!

Well its been awhile now since the last real post but we have been to busy filming that I have taken a Hyades from editing. but than we went to Bigwhite for a day and did a bit of park boarding.

With special Guests:
-Drew Luetjen
-Lee Proudlock
-Spencer Lajeunesse
and Micheal Senger


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Calgary Flocks to THE DEN!

Ello all, so i apologize for the lack of posts lately once again,
But we had a couple BIRDS who decided to flap there wangs and come out to the 4010 DEN!

Lee Prodlock, and Drew Luetjen have been stayin with us for a bit now and we have been out every day; setting up spots, filming, capturing, and goin out to find somthin new and set up again for the following day. with multiple TIMMYS stops in between all these endeavors, it has been on ongoing process that i cannont complain about one bit.

so once things cool down a bit, expect more edits again soon, but for now, the stack attack continues...!

expect to see the BIRDGANG appear in the first 4010den feature vid, commin out, when it comes out...


Thursday, January 13, 2011

4010den: Armstrong Sessions "B footy"

Yo yo, our good friends JESS KIMURA and DYKEBOY were in town recently over the x-mas vaction to visit family and get a bit of footy collected in the mean time. we went to Armstrong with them, the wild lands of my youth "where you can get lunch and shots all in one day" thanks alot to all that made theese 2 days possible, hannah rail, mason rail, and noah rail, special thanks to you for bungee pulling and moral support, and the coffes!!!

look for shots form these sessions in the 4010 den feature film.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

4010den: Multi Rock Drop "B footy"

So we went crusin around town to try and find somthin to hit and Curtis showed us this rock drop that he had een wanting to do for a bit now.

look for shots in the 4010den feature film commin out end of spring.!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

4010den: Saint James, Over...Into...Off Of. "B footy"

Sorry for the Lack of posts latley, but let me tell you, its a good thing! Been out everyday stackin footy for the 4010 den video! managed to find some time to edit this up from a while ago now, expect more edits as i find time for them.

we went back to the spot with the drop from our last video and seshed a creative little feature made possible with the large pile of snow the plow pushed right onto our drop in zone.

special guests:
Jess Kimura
Lee Proudlock
Trevor Angeluci


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Camel Gap!

Our Good friend JESS KIMURA has been in town recently and deffintly down to get shit done! she helpped out mad and made this spot work out, We also give a bug 4010 Den shout out to Mason and Hannah Rail for helpin shovel and pull bungee, and lil Noah Rail for all the moral support. couldnt do it with out you guys!

Special Guest JESS KIMURA tweaks a tailbone in your face!, and nowison!

Mike Rapinchuk: StaleFish

Mike Rapinchuk: Double Tail Grab

Troy Erickson: Crail

All Screen Grabs taken By:DykeBoy!

Look for shots in the 4010 DEN feature, commin out in spring!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

4010den: Saint James fence DROP "B footy"

So Jake snake and i went one night and set this up by ourselves, took about 3.5 hours of straight work to set it up,

went back a few days later after the landing hardened up, and try to get it done, didnt work out needed another homie to pull bungee so we went back the following day and it all worked out!

look for the bangers in the up soming "4010 den feature film"


Friday, December 31, 2010

Davidson Down Bar...

Sorry for the lack of posts latley, with holiday season we have had crew out of town, and out of towners around to shred, so expect some edits commin soon, been stackin!

Met up with our good buddys BEN GIESBRECHT and MITCH STROMQUIST in winfield to sesh this down rail spot that went in to a wall, haha look for shots in the new 4010 den feature film comin out in the spring


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

4010den: Trip to Nelson B.C "B footy"

2nd trip of the season. Went to Nelson B.C. The trip was cut short due to weather, but it started off real good!

I suggest you go if you have never, friendliest people and most interesting landscape around!

check for the bangers in the 4010den feature vid commin out next year...


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trip number 2, Nelson B.C...

couldn't be closer to the truth, friendliest place around!

Mike hangin at spot number 1

commonly known as "100 footer" but pretty sure its closer to 80... but still.

Mike, 40 feet in...

"That's the longest piece of metal i've ever slide!" Mike Rapinchuk

look for a b footy edit commin soon and the bangers next year in the 4010 den vid!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

4010den: Calgary wit BIRD GANG "B footy" day 3

some b footage from our 2nd day of jibbing on our first trip of the season to calgary, the infamous locals THE BIRD GANG let us crash at THE GORP and slay with them. on this particular day, we went to this down rail with an odd donkey dink on it, and than went to the classic calgary fence jump.

look for the bangers in next years 4010 den feature film


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Calgary "B footy" wit BIRD GANG, day 2...

some b footage from our 2nd day of jibbing on our first trip of the season to calgary, the infamous locals THE BIRD GANG let us crash at THE GORP and slay with them. on this particular day, we hit a flat rail to bank at night and woke up and seshed the gnraliest spot i have ever been too in my intire life!

look for the bangers in next years 4010 den feature film




Monday, November 29, 2010

Calgary "B footy" wit BIRD GANG, day 1...

Some b footage from our 1st day of jibbing on our first trip of the season to calgary, the infamous locals THE BIRD GANG let us crash at THE GORP and slay with them. on this particular day, Calgary was the 2nd coldest place on earth aside from the SOUTH POLE, but we got down.

look for the bangers in next years 4010 den feature film


Welcome to the GORP!

SOrry for the recent lack of posts but we recently went to Calgary to get in our first trip of the season and some early shots. We Stayed at the "THE GORP" aka the BIRD GANG NEST!

Just workin on some "B footy" edits from the trip which will be up soon, but for now, peep some photos from THE GORP taken by D.O.P.E Head man DAVID BROCKLEBANK!

Matthew Butel, Gotta have my POPS!

Mike and Troy Gettin GORP'ed

Troy wide angle in yea face

Tom cloppin pop



3 Day Voucuii mane pop sequance/ Alex Stathis...GET BETTER MAN!

Photos by: Brocklebank, the soul stealer.


Monday, November 22, 2010

5 days left of preseaon...

Had our First snow fall in town and we took full advantage of the small skiff that there was.

No rails were hurt during the making of this...

Thanks to Rob Heule and Evan Berg for poppin by with a bungee!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Mother Nature presented us with a wonderful gift which lasted long through the night.
even though it wasnt much, we mad the most of what we had and set up this spot.

look for footage from the session in next years "4010den feature"

Greasin the lip up. photo:Dany Veipans

First urban sesh of the season! photo:Evan Berg

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

4010den, in cahoots with: The BuckHunters. Present: Ghetto-Funk Roof!

The BuckHunters Invited us to go shred at biggie with them. they set up this banked roof that turned in to being a lot of funn! this is our edit from the session.

Also ive been gettin rather board lately waiting for natural snow and what not, so I decided to spice up this edit a bit more with the time on my hands. hope you like the end product!

Expect to see a few shots saved from this session in the next years "4010den feature vid"


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Triple Tube, Double Line...

We got board just hittin single features and decided to try out the signature "Scott Stevens Double Tube" feature as made famous in TWS's " "GET REAL" and of course all of our favorite, think thank's " Right Brain Left Brain."

we suggest you try to set up something similar of your own!


Friday, November 12, 2010


Kelowna's "BUCK HUNTERS" mix up a fresh edit with 4010den guest starring!
thanks for the edit boys! keep it sleezy!



2nd non tube film sesh!

Went up to Big White and met up with the "BUCK HUNTERS" and seshed this banked roof, check back soon for a "B" edit of the session! for now, peep the pics!

Jake: Fs Nose blunt, pop back

Jake: Fs 3 Melon

Troy: Bs Lip

Troy: Slob

Mike: StaleFish, to Fs lip

Mike: Double Tail Grab

Rhett: Bs 1 Melon

Dany: axeless stall, 270 pop over

Curtis: Tail G

Shout out to "BUCK HUNTERS" for lettin us sesh! Jesse Sorenson: Tuck knee, fs lip


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Biggie Black Tube Sesh

some kids jacked a tube from the park at bigwhite and set up in a little zone close by, when we rolled up, there was already nine cars parked and more arrived the eintire time we were there, alot of waiting, but it was good times early season with kelowna kids.

SHOUT OUT TO THE BUCK HUNTERS! CH CH! thanks for gettin shots nate and kyle!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

4010den gets BAKED!

Not your Grandmas cookies, but maybe your moms... hahah

4010 BAKED to perfection!


Monday, November 1, 2010

First "real" film sesh tease

As i said, It Snowed at Silver star, our local hill the other day and we went up to see what we could do early season, we set up 2 spots and got a few shots that will be in our upcoming full vid coming out next year.

here's a lil tease from our first day not hitting PVC.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

First "real" film sesh of the season

So we took a peep on the web cam up at Silvy and saw some sweet fresh white stuff and decided to take advantage of it and see if there was anything we could get some early shots on for our up coming full video commin out next year.

here's a few photos of the first set up, keep tuned for a lil session teaser coming soon!

Rhett and Mike Smokin at our first spot of the season

Take off's



Thursday, October 28, 2010

4010den Ol' Dirty Arena

We went out behind the local arena and had some preseason fun hope you enjoy!

ps, did a little bit more serious boardin than a pvc tube, so we used a bit more serious of a song than shaunnddaa paul!


4010 Hits 420!!!

Im stoked to let you know that, within under a week of being online we have hit our first landmark...

...So go on have a hoot and peep a vid, and expect another fresh edit in the mornin.
geez 4 edits in 6 days... and theres no hills open... i think were doin alright thus far!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2nd Donkey Sesh!

So the preseason keeps goin and we keep on needing the board.
hope you guys like this short sesh we had last week. expect more edits to drop,
we filmed a few more time since this already!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Rail Jam of the Seas!

so we heard about the first local rail jam of the year last week in penticton put on by FREERIDE board shop and decided to head down and try our luck.

super fun times in the preseason jib scene already.
mike got ROBBED and Troy got 3rd.

thanks to Jesse Sorenson for gievn us a heads up and get our feet in the comp!


Saturday, October 23, 2010


From the people behind all the "SOLO Sports" videos last year, we have started our own blogger dawgger. this blog will be full of shredding, skateboarding, lifstyle, and everything else DEN!

so check back frequently for updates including posse page, partners in crime, and all sorts of videos from our own to things we just think should be seen by all!

now to start things off, our first session video of the year on a down to donkey dick PVC tube we set up across the street from the den, hope you like. and expect a rail jam video soon!